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Forgotten # 1's: UK Edition

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It took a minute, but I think I've finally come up with an interesting topic to follow for a couple of months! The fact of the matter is that in both the UK and the US countless songs have been number one singles since their respective chart's debuts in the early 50's. However, as modern listeners we've probably only heard about 35%, which leaves a gaping hole of discovery ripe for the picking!! I've decided to do each post by decade, starting with the British Charts, than switching back to the 1950s and America after the UK Aughts are sufficiently covered. This could be quite a journey: 10 songs a decade, some great, some terrible, some downright odd.......GOOD TIMES!!!!!

Let's get cracking!!!!!

Forgotten # 1's: UK Edition (The 1950's)

1.) The Day The Rains Came - Jane Morgan (January 23, 1959)

Apparently it was very important that the rain finally made its appearance! Originally recorded as a French ballad, it was translated to English and became Ms. Morgan's career milestone, besides taking over Angela Lansbury's title role in the Broadway musical Mame. Odd, but quite pretty this one.

2.) It Doesn't Matter Anymore - Buddy Holly (April 24, 1959)

Although it only made it to # 13 in America, this posthumous hit, written by Paul Anka, skyrocketed to the top of the British hit parade in the wake of Holly's death. In a canon of highly influential work, this shows the balladeer Holly might have become.Link

3.) When - The Kalin Twins (August 22, 1958)

Well, we can't all be The Everlys!

Classic 50's revival circuit footage from Wembley in the late 80's!!!!

4.) The Story Of My Life - Michael Holliday (February 14, 1958)

An early hit by Burt Bacharach and Hal David, this track had already topped the country charts in the US with an immaculate version by Marty Robbins before British Crooner Holliday got his hands on it. While not a definitive take, you gotta love that clipped, proper whistling!!!

5.) She Wears Red Feathers - Guy Mitchell ( March 13, 1953)

So wrong, yet so damn catchy!!!!

6.) Answer Me - Frankie Laine (November 13, 1953)

One of the only instances in pop music history where the track that proceeded and followed a number one hit was the same song by a different artist (David Whitfield did both!). England simply couldn't get enough of this, I suppose!

7.) Oh Mein Papa - Eddie Calvert (January 8, 1954)

Everybody and their mother covered this standard, but only English trumpeter Calvert took it to the top of the pops, as an instrumental no less!!

8.)Rock and Roll Waltz - Kay Starr (March 30, 1956)

Catching your parents enjoying your music wouldn't be described this brilliantly until "Surrender" by Cheap Trick 22 years later! Also topped the charts in the US, which happens less often then you would think.

9.) Cumberland Gap - Lonnie Donegan (April 12, 1957)

The father of Skiffle and the reason John Lennon picked up the guitar was number one for seven weeks with this classic. BEST FORGOTTEN SONG OF THE DECADE!!!!!

10.) A Fool Such As I - Elvis Presley (May 15, 1959)

Elvis had so many hits in both the UK and the US that it is easy to overlook a few, and this country classic originally recorded by Hank Snow was a double A-Side with "I Need You Love Tonight" that made it to the top in England but not in the King's homeland. Great vocal delivery on this one!

The 60's rears its head next week, and the UK doesn't disappoint with some forgotten gems. See ya then!

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