Monday, November 28, 2011

Forgotten #1's: US Edition (The 1980's)

For this post, I need you to leave my site for a moment so you can watch the first 24 hours of MTV...

Go ahead...

I'll Watch it too!

Wasn't that nice?

With the birth of music television on August 1, 1981, the method that people consumed music changed almost overnight. By decade's end, so many videos existed that it's kind of understandable that many would slip through the cracks. The top hits were affected too, so I've assembled some videos for your viewing pleasure today that you probably haven't seen in awhile, or  ever. I'm gonna let these images speak for the songs today. Nothing I can say about them will not instantly come into your mind while you watch them...I guarantee.

1.) Jacob's Ladder - Huey Lewis And The News (March 14, 1987)

2.) Coming Up (Live In Glasgow) - Paul McCartney (June 28, 1980)

That was the version that made it to number one in the US, but the studio version's video is priceless, so I've included that too!

3.) Out Of Touch - Hall And Oates (Dec. 8, 1984)

4.) Stars On 45 Medley - Stars On 45 (June 20, 1981)

5.) Baby I Love Your Way/Freebird Medley - Will To Power (December 3, 1988)

6.) Miami Vice Theme  - Jan Hammer (Nov. 9, 1985)

Embedding was disabled for this one, so view it here!

7.) Truly - Lionel Richie (November 27, 1982)

8.) Kyrie - Mr. Mister (March 1, 1986)

9.) Africa - Toto ( February 5, 1983)

Once again with the embedding!!! Stop being weird Youtube! Here it is!

10.) Batdance - Prince (August 5, 1989)


The 90s are next friends, and there's a lot less grunge at the top then I remembered. Oh well, we'll find something worthwhile, won't we?

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