Sunday, November 7, 2010

JDIZZY's 365 # 183: Total Eclipse Of The Heart

Total Eclipse Of The Heart - Bonnie Tyler (1983)

With today's entry, I have completely covered the bases with Jim Steinman's career (Unless the 365 delves into the Broadway flop Dance Of The Vampires, which I assure you it does not!). Oddly enough, this prog-pop hit was written for Meatloaf for his Midnight At The Lost And Found album, but the record company didn't want to pay Steinman for he gave it to the lady who sing "It's A Heartache"? Actually, it makes sense because he was "Directing" and producing Tyler's finest album, Faster Than The Speed Of Night, at the time. With an iconic video, this song basically took over the world, and has been referenced out the bum by at least three generations of pop culture aficionados. Does it hold up? I answer that with a resounding yes. Tyler's ragged chords of power give the song a strength not found in multiple cover versions. I honestly don't think Meat could have song it better. The lyrics are repetitive, ingratiating and brilliant all in the same breath, which means it is just what you would expect from a Jim Steinman piece. This, however, is much more than that. As the ages have proven, this is the finest song the man ever wrote, speaking to a teen in 2010 just as well as it did in '83. Kids feel love differently than any other age group on earth. Miss Tyler makes those feeling echo in our ears like a sieve connected to our hearts. This track still gets me every time I hear it, but it does so because I heard it first when I was young. With it's use on Glee, I'm sure it is happening again to millions of other teens as well. That, dear friends, is what makes a timeless tune, and this will always be thus considered.

Bonnie's come back to her signature hit a few times

And, the greatest viral video of all time :)

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