Saturday, November 27, 2010

JDIZZY's 365 # 202: Every Day Is Like Sunday

Every Day Is Like Sunday - Morrissey (1988)

Living in the Wisconsin resort town aptly called Wisconsin Dells in the middle of winter was a sobering experience for me. Every morning, driving to work, I was greated by the sleeping giants of amusement parks, water slides and various other tourist traps closed for the season. I was told that the population was in the millions during the summer, but in the cold days of February, only about 2,000 inhabitants braved the weather. Moz ran through my head the entire time I was there. His paeon to being trapped in a coastal town during the wrong months summed up my experience perfectly. I don't think he ever sang, wrote or gelled better than he did on Viva Hate, coming off of The Smiths high, announcing a solo career that would still be going strong over twenty years later..... Just not as strong as this.


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