Monday, February 7, 2011

JDIZZY's 365 # 268: Speechless

Speechless - Lady Gaga (2009)

Love her or hate her, Gaga is the biggest lightning rod in pop music since her musical mother Madonna. She has brought back the art of performance to rock and roll, keeping her audience guessing what her next live appearance will yield in terms of costume, set and medley. One song that featured heavily in all of the televised events she took part in around late '09-early'10 is today's throwback ballad. Coming off like what Queen and Bowie would have sounded like if they had joined forces in the seventies instead of the eighties, Gaga brings glam rock back to the pop charts. The feat is all the more incredible because of the diversity of the EP it is taken from, The Fame Monster, a perfect statement by the most perfect artist out there today in the thorny world of modern pop.

And now, a look at her non-stop creativity. Each live clip is completely different.

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