Friday, February 11, 2011

JDIZZY's 365 # 275: Coquet Coquette

Coquet Coquette - Of Montreal (2010)

Today we present one of the best modern examples of "progressive" music. Coming from the usual staid genre of indie rock, Kevin Barnes and Of Montreal have taken listeners on quite a journey since their debut album in 1997. What started as almost lo-fi toytown progressed in this order:
Acoustic "Smile" styled ditties, Basement psychedelia, Early 00's vaudeville revivalists, Kinksian whimsyists, Electronic playhouse progenitors, acid disco savants, The Talking Heads' grandchildren and glam rock's dancey sibling. Then , on their most current release, Mr. Barnes (Or is it Georgie Fruit by this point?) does with the band what he always threatened to do.......
make them RAWKERS!!!

Indie rock has become a breeding ground of late for the most exciting music being made today, encompassing any genre you can think of.

I truly believe, before they call it a day, Of Montreal will play them all!

Remix, it's nice to see you are no longer limited in your styles either!

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