Friday, June 18, 2010

JDIZZY's # 40: Hey Big Spender

Hey Big Spender - The Cast Of Sweet Charity (1966)

You know a Broadway song has crashed headlong into popular culture when one of the finest rock bands the world has ever known covers it with swagger and a winking eye. Not only did Freddie Mercury and Queen do it with aplomb at Wembley Stadium in '86, but back in the 70's, Muriel Cigars used it as their ad jingle, replacing "Spend a little time with me" with "Spend a little dime with me", indicating the cost of their cigars! This could only happen with a song as brassy and ballsy as "Big Spender". Never has a call girl's motives been so blunt and nonchalant at the same time as in Cy Coleman and Dorothy Field's score for Sweet Charity. And once you've seen the immortal Bob Fosse's choreography, you might find it hard to pick a more fitting representation of the 1960's on the musical stage. Well, except for Hair!

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