Friday, December 3, 2010

JDIZZY's 365 # 204: Jesus Of Suburbia

Jesus Of Suburbia - Green Day (2004)

When did it become cool to hate Green Day? I completely missed that bandwagon. I must have been thinking of my formative teenage years, which I'm pretty sure were soundtracked by Dookie from '94-'96. Insomniac had its moments of joy too, then Nimrod came around during my senior year and presented us with the perfect graduation song. Warning popped up to keep the party going in College. Then, at 24, alienated and confused by the first four Bush years, Green Day stepped up with a Rock Opera and said through it that we was not alone. American Idiot is probably the stopping point for many a fan of the band. It's where they became our generation's Who, giving us our Tommy. It's also the best writing they have ever done, as well as the most honest. For those who don't appreciate the theatricality of Green Day's last six years, I suggest you take out your old cassette of Kerplunk! and weep about what might have been. For the rest of us, let's bask in this multi-part movement of Punk Rock Opera Glory!!!

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