Sunday, December 5, 2010

JDIZZY's 365 # 208: Virginia Grey's Ragtime Memories

Virginia Grey's Ragtime Memories - Price & Walsh (1966)

This is probably the rarest song on the 365 . It came to me on a complete fluke, while listening to my Grocer Jack channel on Pandora. The song stopped me in my tracks, and I instantly looked it up on Amazon and purchased the disc it came from. This is some heady psych pop, ladies and germs. This duo would go on to write "Temptation Eyes" for The Grass Roots, as well as other hits for various artists. However, this demo for a psychedelic album that was never released shows that beneath the popular surface of late 60's music, many geniuses wallowed in obscurity. It is why reissues like these are so important. This album seems to be gone from Amazon now, but you can purchase it from their UK store. I can't recommend this haunting tale of a faded star that is today's choice or its counterparts enough.

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