Friday, December 10, 2010

JDIZZY's 365 # 216: Crying

Crying - Roy Orbison (1961)

Roy Orbison
sang like an opera singer trapped in pop music. What else can you do in such a situation but make tearkerker ballads soar to the heights of Valhalla? In a career that lasted until his death in 1988, Roy Orbison never stopped turning heartbreak into high, beautiful art. He has influenced everyone in the rock genre that ever sang a sad song, and that's a mighty long line of people that followed in his wake. You can hear him in The Beatles, Bruce, and Ben, and that's just three of the B's. This is his greatest single,where his voice rises from a whisper to an impassionate scream of pain over a lost love who wants to be friends. They really don't make music like this anymore, and it is a damned shame.

A duet featuring Roy, A pop rock band whot took the song higher on the charts then Orbison and one of the best covers ever recorded: Here they are!

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