Monday, May 2, 2011

JDIZZY's 365 # 358: The Sky Children

The Sky Children - Kaleidoscope (1967)

Ok, if this song doesn't blow your mind then I seriously need my head examined. Out of all the more obscure tracks I have presented in the 365, this may be the best. Kaleidoscope was a UK band that came about right at the birth of Psychedelic pop, and they are always confused with a US band that had the same name and a little more success. Their debut disc, Tangerine Dream (hmm, wonder if they got this in Germany?), should be regarded in the same breath as Piper At the Gates Of Dawn and Sgt Pepper as cornerstones of a movement. It's been recently reissued with expanded tracks and is quite reasonably priced on Amazon.

Now, if for some reason this was the only song on the aformentioned disc, it would still be hanging out with Floyd and The Beatles. "The Sky Children" is epic, telling the tale of..............

I have no idea......

Its got kids, porcupines, Neptune and magic seashells, though.

And it definitely has a narrative, I just have a hard time following it.


Psychedelic music doesn't need to make sense anyway. It just needs to take you on a strange journey.

Kaleidoscope does that in spades.

Please love this as much as I do. It might help prove my sanity!

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