Thursday, May 5, 2011

JDIZZY's 365 # 361: Former Lee Warmer

Former Lee Warmer - Alice Cooper (1983)

I love "School's Out". I crank up "I'm Eighteen" every time it comes on the radio. If we're talking about hard rock songs, you have to mention the monster that is "No More Mr. Nice Guy".

Still, it's recent Hall Of Fame inductee Alice Cooper's more esoteric recordings that keep me coming back to his body of work. From heartfelt ballads to brilliant parody, the man's catalog is rich with songs that show how much depth the man has. Even so, his 1983 album DaDa is a strange one in his catalog. At the pinnacle of his substance abuse, Cooper doesn't even remember recording it. Somehow in that haze master producer Bob Ezrin was able to draw an incredible concept album about mental illness out of him. Not only is today's track a standout from the disc, it's also the creepiest song Alice ever recorded. It feels like a Victorian horror film in a 4 minute package. While Cooper has continued to produce strong material, he's never matched DaDa's artful insanity. Oddly enough, he's never performed any of the songs from it live.

Mr Cooper, if you're listening, this record has Rock Opera written all over it! Get on that!!!

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