Friday, May 6, 2011

JDIZZY's 365 # 362: Home To You/O Caroline

Home To You - Mark/Almond (1973)
O Caroline - Matching Mole (1972)

It was bound to happen, right? Well, at least its here, in the twilight of the list! A tie is completely respectable anyway, especially since today's songs are one in the same: sad ballads about love from prog rock cult acts!

Mark/Almond 73 was an album of my fathers that I literally wore out the grooves on. Its mellow jazz/folk/prog spirit is the finest in the group's catalog. "Home To You" tells the story of being on the road with the band, away from the woman you love. Sure, the guy makes mistakes galore (he seems to be a serial cheater!) but the sentiment that he plays his tunes every night for his muse back home is really quite beautiful. The same can be said for "O Caroline" which, regardless of all the influential acts he's been apart of, is my favorite thing Robert Wyatt has ever done. His voice is a fragile wraith, talking about how hard it is to write a love song that expresses how you feel about the person you wrote it for without it being crap. He even describes the band playing their parts in the lyrics! It's ridiculously charming, naive and heartbreaking all at once.

Peaceful easy prog rock love songs!

Now, pour yourself a fine port, light a candle, sit back and enjoy these tunes!

Children singing obscure Prog!?!?! God bless youtube!

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