Tuesday, July 6, 2010

JDIZZY's 365 # 57: Oliver's Army

Oliver's Army - Elvis Costello (1979)

Who would've thought that the punk era's greatest poet was inspired by.....Abba?! In truth, the keyboard intro to Costello's best selling single was written by the Attractions' Steve Nieve as a tribute to "Dancing Queen". It's a good thing too, because the song was about to be scrapped from the Armed Forces album because it was unfinished (The things you learn on Wikipedia!!). This track has always made me happy, even though it's message of Ireland and the world's troubles during the late 70's is anything but. The rare genius of this "other" Elvis shines through by connecting the caustic words to such a happy little song. Such polarity in songwriting wouldn't be seen again until the days of Everclear and never on such an epic scale.

Good Old Damon! There's a reason you will be featured on the 365 three times :)

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