Monday, July 26, 2010

JDIZZY's 365 # 76: God If I Saw Her Now

God If I Saw Her Now - Anthony Philips (1977)

Some fans grow frustrated when their favorite artists become huge, no longer a secret between them and a select faithful few. I have never had those feelings. If Anthony Phillips could be as big as The Beatles, I would be right there wearing a Geese & Ghost t-shirt to a sold-out appearance at the Wachovia Center. Sadly, it will probably never happen. This is quite a shame, because his music deserves to be heard as much as his former band's, Genesis. Leaving after two albums because of stage fright, Ant bided his time before releasing his solo debut, an album of 12-string mastery. Bringing in a man whom he had never played with in Genesis to handle lead vocals, Phillips finds a suitable partner in Phil Collins. Collins' voice has never been more subtle and pretty as it is on this ballad. It is a tale of remembrance and realization that old loves leave quite an imprint on you, even when in the arms of a new. Anthony does wonders with the rhythm guitar here and throughout the album. His solo work has continued to flourish down many different alleys, and, while not massively available in the states, is all over the net. Seek him out, and find your new favorite artist.

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