Monday, July 12, 2010

JDIZZY's 365 # 64: Thirteen

Thirteen - Big Star (1972)

Alex Chilton was only 22 years old when he composed this tender ballad to adolescence. At this point, he had already fronted the highly successful Box Tops, and was putting together the first album of his new band, Big Star. While their debut helped invent the power pop movement of the 70's, this tiny little track influenced much more. It has been covered by the kings of alt-rock, from Jeff Tweedy to Elliot Smith. It has been used in films, placed on Rolling Stone lists and is a calling card for the Illuminati of music nerds. What's all the fuss about? Fresh from his teenage years, Chilton captures the thrill of young love, the power of rock and roll and the innocence of youth all in under 3 minutes. The world lost an amazing storyteller this year. Put on this track and smile in reverence at his memory.

Shirley, this shouldn't work, but it so does! Goes to know good material can work wonders.

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