Friday, March 4, 2011

JDIZZY's 365 # 299: Lady Fantasy

Lady Fantasy - Camel (1974)

First the synth grabs you, followed quickly by that stabbing electric guitar. Then less than a minute later the song has gone into a completely different direction involving acoustic guitars, subtle electric keyboards and lyrics sung in a gentle baritone about a dream woman.

Folks, that's the first 2 minutes. The song still has 10 to go.

What I've always loved about Camel is that throughout their career, of all the progressive bands, they have stayed the truest to their chosen path, even if their profile has been considerably lower. I assure you, Andy Latimer and Co. will honestly never disappoint.

If you love this formerly woebegotten genre that I write about so often on this blog, you must be a pretty big music fan. Prog doesn't reward the casual listener. Yet somehow its star seems to be rising, as critics, musicians, radio stations and labels continue to mine its riches. I promise you: One day Camel will be mentioned in the same breath as Floyd, Tull, Yes, ELP and Genesis.

Now you can say you were already a fan, as one listen to "Lady Fantasy" is all you will need to become one.


  1. Yay, I already WAS a fan! ;)
    I do love this album, and it's more accessible, but there's a special spot in my heart for The Snow Goose. Rhayader was the first thing I ever heard by them, and...let's face it, prog + esoteric concept album? Total win for geeks like us.

  2. The Snow Goose is stunning in its depth, originality, and the fact that you are dealing with an instrumental rock album. Prog instrumentals always get me, but an album's worth??!!!? NERD LOVE!!!!!!!!!