Thursday, March 31, 2011

JDIZZY's 365 # 325: Shadow Of the Hierophant

Shadow Of The Hierophant - Steve Hackett (1975)

There are many things we must discuss in today's post:

1.) This is not my favorite Steve Hackett piece. That would be the beyond sublime instrumental "Horizons", which unfortunately appeared on a Genesis album, who have already been spoken for on this list.

2.) The logical second choice has to be this beast of a song from Steve's 1975 Solo debut Voyage Of The Acolyte, the first solo album ever released by a member of the greatest band ever. It features Mike Rutherford on bass, Phil Collins on drums and Mike Oldfield's sister Sally on lead vocals.......prog heaven, folks!

3.) Steve has had a bit of a rebirth recently, what with 2009's excellent Out Of The Tunnel's Mouth album and increased critical awareness of his prowess. His solo career has been paved with mouth watering options: CHECK THEM OUT.

4.) With this post, Steve Hackett has completed his destiny of becoming the last member of the "classic" Genesis lineup to make it into their own entry here on the 365. At this time I would like to acknowledge Chris Stewart, John Silver, John Mayhew and Ray Wilson. Sorry you guys didn't make the solo entry cut, but just be glad that you got to be associated with these Gods in the first place!

5.) Let's all listen and bask in my favorite guitar player's glow!!!

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