Friday, April 1, 2011

JDIZZY's 365 # 326: I Feel Just Like A Child

I Feel Just Like A Child - Devendra Banhart (2005)

Devendra Banhart brought the ISB-inspired genre of Freak Folk to our attention with his brilliantly curated compilation, 2004's The Golden Apples Of The Sun.

But he wasn't just The New Weird America's Lenny Kaye.

His music defines what this grouping of strange beautiful artists stand for.

He came to my attention with his 2005 release Cripple Crow. It is the logical evolution of his lo-fi roots, moving toward the soundscapes of his last two albums while never losing sight of what made him an icon in the first place: beautiful tunes, cryptic lyrics and multi-ethnic instrumentation. I could pick anything from this disc, but I will focus on "Child" because it wraps up Banhart's gift into an accessible pop package.

Start here to begin your journey, but beware.

The bearded one's music is damn near infectious. You might just be listening to him for a while.

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