Tuesday, April 19, 2011

JDIZZY's 365 # 345: Glosoli

Glosoli - Sigur Ros (2005)

This song has brought me to tears twice.

The first time was when Taak, Sigur Ros' fullest statement of beauty through heavenly noise and gibberish, was released. Youtube had just come along and I was so excited by the prospect of seeing the music video from a band outside the mainstream without having to wait for a dvd. (It seems I had already given up on MTV 4 and Vh1"....no really, we only play classic videos" 2 ever happening!). Watching the video embedded below on my parent's computer in 2006 took me to another world of art, commerce and ethereal music. I hadn't cried while watching a music video since Johnny Cash's "Hurt", but I wept openly because of these Icelandic geniuses. No video has made me do so since.

The second time was watching my fiancee's little sister dance to this song in her Spring Recital. It is a song that will forever conjure childhood in my mind because of its visual aide, and watching children passionately involved such a meaningful song in a performance backed by such an outstanding soundscape( played through very good speakers!) broke me down again. I tried my best to hide it from the soon-to-be-wifey's family, but they probably saw. But I assure you I wan't the only one moved to waterworks in that auditorium. Sigur Ros has a way of attacking your emotions head on.

For the uninitiated, Taak is an excellent starting point for this insanely important band.

I promise you, you won't just want more, you'll need it.

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