Wednesday, April 27, 2011

JDIZZY's 365 # 353: The Fat Lady Of Limbourg

The Fat Lady Of Limbourg - Brian Eno (1974)

Brian Eno has done many things. He created ambient music. He helped make U2 what they are today. He played synths in the first incarnation of Roxy Music. He has made strange, wonderful music with artists as diverse as Robert Fripp and David Byrne.

But I'll always love him for his solo albums, especially his first flawless five. Today's track comes from Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy), number two, and is reported to be about an insane asylum in Limbourg, Belgium where the inmates outnumber the people that live in the town....

.......creepy......and amazing......all at once.....

Thanks again Velvet Goldmine, you had quite a soundtrack!

Ummmmm, I will be downloading this album!

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