Thursday, April 7, 2011

JDIZZY's 365 # 332: Paper Planes

Paper Planes - M.I.A. (2007)

Hip Hop hadn't been this visceral in a long time.

It even alerted the big boys to what was up.

And it all rolled downhill from a pint sized Sri Lankan who may be the most unique voice in music right the whole world.

And don't write her off because of her recent controversial music video. She's way too solid (over three albums; deja vu Midlake?) for that.

Just enjoy the song that brought her to national attention through two perfect placements in film, and realize what we people who read music magazines and blogs already knew from two years before: M.I.A. is sick!!

Oh white boys, what will you think of next?


  1. Love this whole album! I like MAYA, but it wasn't nearly as interesting to listen to as Kala. Have you heard Street Sweeper Social Club (Tom Morello's new project) do this? I got to see them open for Nine Inch Nails and Jane's Addiction and they totally rocked this song out.

  2. I am checking that cover out right now, and it is stupid good! Perry, Trent and Tom, on the same night,huh? They should all score the new Care Bear Film together.....not that there's one in production.....but there should be! Care Bears Movie III: 24 Years On......starring Sasha Baron Cohen.