Tuesday, April 19, 2011

JDIZZY's 365 # 342: Mandolin Rain

Mandolin Rain - Bruce Hornsby & The Range (1986)

Though there have been many highlights in his career in the 25 years since its release, The Way It Is looms long in the story of Bruce Hornsby.

As it should.

It's a perfect album.

It also contains today's track, the fourth and final single to be taken from the monster. It's one of the only instances I know of where a song was on the Billboard 100, the modern rock, the adult contemporary and the country charts all at the same time.

That's quite an achievement for a Virginia boy, no to mention the fact that he pinned a number one hit for Huey Lewis, co wrote and played on Don Henley's finest moment as a solo artist, and was a member of The Dead for two years.

And in his own way, with this song and the monster disc it appeared on, Bruce Hornsby paved the way for Dave Matthews to put his own spin on the "Virginia Sound" and make it his own.

So we not only have the gorgeous sadness of "Mandolin Rain" to think the man for, but we have the cottage industry of Charlottesville's greatest export, who ironically were signed to RCA just like Mr. Hornsby.

Bruce Hornsby - Mandolin Rain by jpdc11

Pam Tillis does a gorgeous version as well.

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