Monday, March 14, 2011

JDIZZY's 365 # 307: Nashville Parent

Nashville Parent - Lambchop (2000)

Alternative Country doesn't get more obscure OR inclusive than the work of Nashville's Lambchop. Over the course of 10 studio albums, Kurt Wagner and his varying cast of players has deconstructed American Music better than anyone since Captain Beefheart.

And somehow made it beautiful!

It doesn't get any better that this track from Uncut Magazine's album of the year in 2000, Nixon. This album of post-Watergate paranoia and confusion is artistically one of the greatest American albums released in the 21st century. "Nashville Parent" sounds like fine 70's R & B, polished to a fine sheer with studio quality not readily heard on albums by turn-of-the-century indie artists. That it was released in the first year of the aughts and that few have come close to its heights speaks volumes about modern music's view of the pop avant garde.

Remember, Van Dyke Parks, The Fugs and Vic Chesnutt were all on major labels at some point in their career.

Lambchop deserves the same exposure.

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