Monday, March 28, 2011

JDIZZY's 365 # 323: The Lighthouse's Tale

The Lighthouse's Tale - Nickel Creek (2000)

In keeping with the Bluegrass hues of yesterday, I present to you what brought it back to my attention, after a childhood of reverence for Bill Monroe and teenage years fascinated with Bela Fleck.During my latter day college career, The O Brother Where Art Thou? Soundtrack had whetted my appetite for traditional music again. So, it was with great joy that I purchased what appeared to be the debut disc of Nickel Creek. They had actually released two albums as kids, 1993's Little Cowpoke and 97's Here To There. Yet, this is the disc where they were no longer seen as child phenoms. This is where Chris Thile, Sarah Watkins and her brother Sean became the best band in Bluegrass.......

Produced by the former crown holder, Alison Krauss, this truly is a "passing of the torch" scenario. Every track is immaculate in its acoustic simplicity. Balanced between traditional covers and stunning originals, the clear highlight (besides a romp through the folk standard "The Fox") is today's track. Co-written by Thile, it's quite possibly the most beautiful song of the just started decade. Never overly sentimental, it tells its sad tale from the point-of-view of a stone and mortar building. That it creates such a stream of emotions, not just for the human components but for the Lighthouse itself showcases just how strong these young adults were as artists. They would continue this streak of brilliance for two more discs before departing company for solo diversions (Mr Thile's project will appear in just a few entries.).

It really wouldn't hurt to make them your music of choice for a week or two.

You'll feel greatly enriched by the endeavor!

The video of this song is spectacular, but it is also an edit. Here is the full album version in all its down home/technical prowess glory!

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