Sunday, August 22, 2010

JDIZZY's 365 # 105: The Court Of The Crimson King

The Court Of The Crimson King - King Crimson (1969)

Prog Rock finds its feet right here. For an album that can consider every track a classic of an entire genre, King Crimson stops you in your tracks for their debut's finale. Both ancient and modern, giving us strings, but through a mellotron, giving us choirs, but through long-haired rock musicians, this is the true lover's knot of the Moody Blues' dream and The Beatles' Concept, with just a sprinkling of Procol Harum for musicianship. They would never be the same after this first album (never after any album Crimson released, to be honest), but this is where the glory of Robert Fripp, Greg Lake, Mel Collins, Pete Sinfield and Ian MacDonald began. These legends were only together for one perfect platter, but oh how sweet it is!

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