Monday, August 30, 2010

JDIZZY's 365 # 110: Ireland

Ireland - Garth Brooks (1995)

Leave it to the guy who crossed over to the pop world stronger than any country artist before or after to give us his best song completely out of the genre. No, I'm not talking about the Chris Gaines fiasco, even though said fiasco's music was stronger than anyone would care to acknowledge except for your friendly neighborhood JDIZZY. No, I'm speaking of this album track from his 1995 release Fresh Horses. In an album where he co-wrote eight of the ten songs, Garth runs the gamut, almost more so than he did with his alter ego. This track closes out the album, and tells the heart-wrenching tale of Irish immigrants forced to fight each other on both sides of the American Civil War. This song is aching in its portrayal and epic in its passion. It would have made a much stronger end credits piece for Gangs of New York than that U2 song. Garth's true worth shines through now more than it ever did during his commercial juggernaut, wiping away the sheen and showing us what a rich, deep talent he is. A little album track exploring is definitely in order.

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