Sunday, August 22, 2010

JDIZZY's 365 # 106: El Cantante

El Cantante - Hector Lavoe (1978)

Before hearing this, Salsa music was something I thought I only heard in Mexican Restaurants. After hearing this, I learned that it was a style that had originated in Puerto Rico and that Hector Lavoe was the undisputed king, having helped create it. This song grabs me from the first few seconds, floating me away on a sea of piano, horns, strings and Mr. El Cantante himself's incredible voice. No other tune makes me wish I could dance more than this one. It is a shame he is gone, and it is a shame more gringoes don't know about this music. Pick up Comedia and fall in love with the best in Latin Music.

The Film El Cantante starring Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez, is better than anyone could expect, and Mr. Anthony does of Mr. Lavoe's signature hit.

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