Wednesday, August 11, 2010

JDIZZY's 365 # 93: Love At The Five & Dime

Love At The Five & Dime - Kathy Mattea (1986)

Outside of country circles, very few music fans know what they are missing in the immense talent that is Kathy Mattea. She was a sizable star in the country world in the late 80's, but has since gone on to the minor labels, making intense artistic expressions like 2008's Coal album, an album full of songs about the plight of miners. What brought her to our attention though remains my favorite of her recordings, a Nanci Griffith cover that also helped show Ms. Griffith off as a songwriter. It's a great story, something that gets lost in modern country's hair metal with fiddles. Enjoy this, and find a copy of her greatest hits and Coal.... you won't be disappointed!

Mad respect to Nanci's original as well!

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