Friday, September 3, 2010

JDIZZY's 365 # 116: Copperline

Copperline - James Taylor (1991)

Ever since The Beatles introduced America to this master of song, we have been fans. We have loved his hits and we have loved his misses. We have held on to his past in our hearts, while hoping the new material that came along every few years would match those seminal recordings. Time and again, his later work has surprised, delighted and moved us. If not in the same way as his greatest hits, than in a way that is of the same kindred spirit. They are works of a survivor, surprised by the longevity of his life, and the power of his work. Over time, many of them have joined the ranks of the immortals, like today's selection. It is as perfect as every song on Sweet Baby James and Mudslide Slim are. In fact, now almost twenty years removed from New Moon Shine's release, it is safe to put it in that cannon as well. Now, although the covers albums and tours with Carole King have been fun, we wait for the next installment in a storied career that we know will come, right on time, when we least expect it.

The Video with the single edit is too good to pass up. James is so amazing!!!

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