Wednesday, September 8, 2010

JDIZZY's 365 # 123: Pavan

Pavan - Amazing Blondel (1970)

A sampler cd I purchased at Plan 9 Records in Richmond, Virginia my freshman year of college has gone on to inspire the placement of many an artist on this list. Without Island 40, Vol. 3: 1968 - 1975 -- Acoustic Waves, I would never have heard such choice cuts by bands like Incredible String Band, Traffic, Morris On and these dear purveyors of renaissance folk, THE BLONDEL! Underrated as all get out, their music inspires me, not just for the period instrumentation, but for the fact that the majority of their work are originals written in the traditional British folk style. This track is poetry in tunic-ed motion, floating along on a gentle woodwind solo, and calling forth babbling brooks, fair damsels and um.... chastity belts! All five of their 70's albums are well worth searching for, and if you are ever in the old country, they tend to play quite a few folk festivals there. If you see them, please write a comment, describing your experience vividly in three part harmony, on this humble page.

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