Tuesday, September 14, 2010

JDIZZY's 365 # 129: Butterfly

Butterfly - Weezer (1996)

Songs with this much pain shouldn't come from a band that write about sweaters unraveling and star in videos featuring the Muppets, but Pinkerton has always stood out in Weezer's discography. Universally panned on its release, it is now considered a masterpiece of the 90's Alternative Revolution. "Butterfly" stands away from the pack even in those heavy words, blanketed as the last track, with just Rivers Cuomo's voice and guitar to tell its sad tale. Cuomo has never before shown us his inner singer/songwriter. We are listening to part one of his confession, one that he seems to have never finished, as the song simply ends like "Her Majesty" and "Redemption Song" before it. In the wake of Weezer's recovery in the music world's eyes, this honest chapter of songwriting seems to be lost to the ages. Still, it sits in our collections, waiting for the time when we need it, allowing its perfect imbalance to take hold of our ears and hearts again.

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