Wednesday, September 15, 2010

JDIZZY's 365 # 130: Cold February

Cold February - The Incredible String Band (1974)

Released long after their seminal recordings, Hard Rope & Silken Twine was the album where I discovered The Incredible String Band. My father had a promotional copy of the record, something he had inherited from his first job out of college. It was never played much in my house, but I was intrigued by the fantasy - inspired imagery pictured on the sleeve, so with eager ears I played the album, not knowing what to expect. After an excellent opening track called "Maker of Islands", I came upon the song we speak of today. It was a live recording with minimal instrumentation. It seemed a showcase for Robin Williamson's voice. Then I paid attention to the words and was floored. Not even knowing of the seemingly eternal strife in Ireland at the tender age of six, I was still struck by the sadness in this lyric. It seems sad songs got to me even back then. I return to this album more than most from that period of discovery in my dad's record collection. It is my record, one that i have kept on my secret playlist, not wanting anyone to hear it, keeping it as my own. Today I relinquish it to you.

This video makes the statement of the song more universal, but I am simply amazed to find it on youtube!

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