Sunday, September 5, 2010

JDIZZY's 365 # 120: We Just Disagree

We Just Disagree - Dave Mason (1977)

Thus, we have our first selection in the 365 inspired by the author's parent's love of Q99 FM in Roanoke, Virginia. Said station was always on in my childhood home, and this song, as well as many others, were played constantly on their airwaves. I always liked this one, but I didn't know for that it was performed by the original lead guitarist of Traffic! This is a long way from "Feelin' Alright", but I love the tune's acoustic guitar wave that has always reminded me of the sea (or a lake, as I was severely landlocked as a child) and those bass vocals announcing the end of a love affair with simply a shrug of the shoulders. Apathy never sounded so good!

Whatever happened to country singer Billie Dean? Off to Wikipedia I go!

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