Saturday, May 22, 2010

JDIZZY's 365 # 13 : What I Did For Love

What I Did For Love - The Cast of A Chorus Line (1975)

And show tunes enter the list! Having made some sort of a living in regional theater for the past nine years, it's kind of insane that I wasn't affected by this standard until last year. I was doing a revue of Broadway classics, and this song was to close the second act before the curtain call performance of another Chorus Line classic, One. Our director explained to us the importance of the song, of imagining what we would feel like if we woke up tomorrow and all of this performing was gone. One listen to it made the previous words unnecessary . This is one of the finest songs ever written from a performer's point of view. Having taken a break from the acting/singing/kinda dancing world, this song rings even more true now. A Chorus Line is more important than just about any musical out there. I hope to see it live one day, and try my hardest not to sing along at the top of my voice to this gem.

This video is presented in incredibly grainy black and white, but it is the original cast performing on Broadway, so what you can see is priceless!

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