Wednesday, May 19, 2010

JDIZZY's 365 # 10 : Summer, Highland Falls

Summer, Highland Falls - Billy Joel (1976)

Turnstiles is one of the most criminally underrated albums of all time. The scope and brevity of the songwriting and musicianship have kept me coming back to it much more often than The Stranger, Piano Man, or The Nylon Curtain , albums that usually are credited as Joel's best. One of the main drawing points is this piano-led ballad, featuring one of the finest Clarinet solos on any rock record! Joel's words of a decaying love never seem bittersweet, just statements of fact that both lovers realize are true. This honesty had not been seen in "Love-gone-wrong" songs since Paul Simon's Dangling Conversation. It is a shame Billy doesn't enjoy writing pop songs anymore, because I am sure he has more gems like this floating around in his head.

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