Sunday, May 23, 2010

JDIZZY's 365 # 14 : Jesus Walks

Jesus Walks - Kanye West (2004)

Let's try to forget about this. Also, let's remove this image from our minds. Finally, let's erase this vision as well. The man in those clips is quite a polarizing character, but so was Madonna, Ringo Starr, and Johnny Rotten. Rock and Roll is based on shock and awe. Kanye is a household name because of his outbursts, but even without them, I dare to say he would be too. No one else in modern hip-hop is as brave in their lyrical honesty or cutting edge production (many of today's standards were developed by Kanye himself). I believe he doesn't take himself as seriously as we think he does either. Give a fresh listen to this groundbreaking modern classic and remember why Kanye is so important. Indeed, we do need you Mr. West.

And he made three versions of the video....gotta love variety

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