Friday, October 1, 2010

JDIZZY's 365 # 147: Human Nature

Human Nature - Michael Jackson (1982)

In the aftermath of Michael Jackson's death, I sought solace in the music that made us all love him, at one point in our lives. That meant bringing out Thriller. If there ever was an album that can be called the most important in my life, it would have to be this. I was two years old when it was released. I received a copy of it on my 3rd birthday (on cassette). It was my first album, and I played that thing until the tape started to squeak in the player from wear and tear. I have since owned it on vinyl and cd. If another physical format is ever dreamed up, I'm sure it will be re-purchased again. Thriller isn't just a stroll down memory lane for me. It seems like every reason I love music is captured in it's 9 tracks. There's metal, there's funk, there's pop, there's a Beatle and there is this beautiful ballad. It is this song that I played over and over again last summer. It was this song that brought tears to my eyes while watching This Is It on the big screen. I always came back to Thriller no matter what happened in Michael Jackson's tumultuous life. Now, in the wake of his passing, I come back even more, to be reminded of what he was, what this world caused him to be and the loss we will never fully recover from.

Miles turns pop perfection into electro-jazz manna.

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