Friday, October 8, 2010

JDIZZY's 365 # 154: Without You

Without You - Badfinger (1970)

It wasn't until my Beatles-obsessed mind inclined me to purchase the Best of Badfinger (They were signed to Apple Records and recorded Paul's "Come & Get It".) that I learned a shocking truth: They wrote "Without You". I came to this song through Mariah Carey, found the definitive version with Harry Nilsson and was then rocked by this British Band's original. It is one of those songs that never loses its power to move you.. Badfinger's version is more urgent, more driving then the covers that followed. It is made all the more heartbraking because of the outcome of Badfinger's troubled history. Band members Tom Evans and Pete Ham killed themselves almost a decade apart from each other. With the knowledge of their suicides, it becomes hard to fight back tears and chills while listening to this haunting classic.

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