Saturday, October 30, 2010

JDIZZY's 365 # 175: You Were Right

You Were Right - Badly Drawn Boy (2002)

Is it a sound idea to move to England simply because of the country's love, respect and quality of pop music? I think so. At a time (October 2002) when Kelly Clarkson's treacly "forced by a TV show" American idol ballad was number one on the American charts, Damon Gaugh was entering the British top 10 with a song about turning down advances from Madonna and regretting his inability to do anything when Buckley, Sinatra, Lennon and Cobain passed away. That's quite a difference. It would be Badly Drawn Boy's highest chart appearance, but his quality of work continues to stand at the heights he achieved back in '02. America, take note. If music of this level can be pop hits in the Mother Country, isn't it time we placed our ears outside the box. Badly Drawn Boy on the Hot 100? What a day that would be!

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