Thursday, October 21, 2010

JDIZZY's 365 # 167: Bell Bottom Blues

Bell Bottom Blues - Derek And The Dominos (1970)

Patti Boyd must have been something special. Not only did she inspire "Something" by George Harrison, but two of Eric Clapton's finest works were spurned from his love for her, the wife of his best friend. Clapton would never make another Derek And The Donminos' album, but he also was never more of a self-contained songwriter than on this epic track."Bell Bottom Blues" is substantial also because every note of guitar you hear is all Clapton. The song was cut before Duane Allman joined up, so Eric overdubbed all of the axe parts himself. Rarely has unrequited love sounded so all-encompassing, so damning, so futile. The honesty is deafening! It's the best break up song you've ever heard, and Clapton hadn't even started his affair with her yet!

I don't know what's more entertaining, Cher's version or this girl's lip synching!?!

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