Thursday, October 14, 2010

JDIZZY's 365 # 160: Grace

Grace - Jeff Buckley (1994)

After Kurt Cobain, this is the greatest loss that my generation has felt in the music world. Releasing only one full album before he drowned in the Mississippi river, Jeff Buckley still left an indelible mark on our lives. Never had such guitar prowess been paired with simply otherworldly vocal ability. I mean, the only person that comes close is Peter Frampton, and Buckley runs circles around him with his many strengths. Although he is remembered mainly for sublime covers, this title track original is like Zeppelin reborn in the 90's: a towering hammer of the gods, Page and Plant wrapped into one. I cannot imagine where he would have gone next. I strongly recommend purchasing his unfinished second album My Sweetheart The Drunk, as well as the beautiful biography of both Jeff and his father Tim, Dream Brother. I simply refuse to believe that you don't already own Grace.

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