Saturday, October 2, 2010

JDIZZY's 365 # 148: Sailing

Sailing - Sutherland Brothers (1972)

The Sutherland Brothers are one of those anomalies in the music industry. Almost any fan of classic rock is quite familiar with their biggest song, but few have ever heard their version. You see, they share a spot at the table with lesser known artists like Tim Hardin and Danny Whitten whose signature tunes were made famous as covers by Rod Stewart. Rod certainly nails his version, but the Sutherland Brothers' original captures the sound of the Island "pink label" years perfectly. At a time when Richard Thompson, Cat Stevens, Nick Drake and John Martyn were all releasing stellar recordings for the same company, The Sutherlands' work stood out as well for their breadth and fusion of old and new. It's a good thing Rod the Mod sang this ditty. We here on the other side of the Atlantic might never have known their names at all.

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