Sunday, October 17, 2010

JDZZY's 365 # 163: Not A Friend

Not A Friend - Sebadoh (1994)

Oh, the days of buying indie rock through mail-order catalogs!!! Not only was the postage paid if you ordered records directly through Sub-Pop, but in those pre-music blog days, you could discover bands like Elevator To Hell, Sunny Day Real Estate and Sebadoh. I don't know what it was that made me buy Bakesale, but something told me it was going to be worth my time. From the opening fuzzed-out guitar of "License to Confuse" to the urgency of "Careful" via the melodic indie-pop of "Skull", I had discovered a lo-fi cult classic. it felt so good back then to love a band that no one else in my small town of Virginia knew about. It was only later that I learned Lou Barlow was a founding member of Dinosaur Jr, and by that time he already had a pop hit with The Folk Implosion's "Natural One".It didn't matter; they were all mine for at least six months. This is the song I would play over and over late at night, hearing Lou's pain and knowing that whatever my awkward teenage years could through at me, there was someone out there who understood. I haven't listened to that album in quite some time. I think today might just need a little Sebadoh!

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