Wednesday, January 5, 2011

JDIZZY's 365 # 232: Lost In the Supermarket

Lost In the Supermarket - The Clash (1979)

So, here's a funny story about precociousness in youth. In 1989, Rolling Stone Magazine released their list of the 100 best albums of the 1980's. Their top five included such milestones as Graceland, The Joshua Tree and Remain In Light. Purple Rain was the number two album listed, so you knew that number one had to be amazing. And it just came out in 1979.
At 9, already enamored with lists, I had found my least favorite artist. I had no idea who they were until the day I opened that issue, but I knew I despised them. For not only had they cheated their way to number one, but they had robbed The Boss and his Born In the USA album of a rightful spot in the top 5. And where was Genesis?? And why was So by Peter Gabriel at a lowly 14??!!? Had those deans of music journalism really come so far from where they started that they couldn't be bothered to see if the album they picked as the definitive statement of a decade was from that decade??!!!?!!
I Digress...
It wasn't until much later that I learned London Calling wasn't released in the US until January of 1980, making it eligible.
I'm sure they said that in the article, but back then I was a "picture and headlines" reader when it came to my music magazines. It's a shame I didn't read it though, because I'm sure whatever they said would have made me turn my hatred into curiosity, thus saving me the embarrassment of waiting until 8th grade to discover The Clash's magnum opus. It is the greatest punk album of all time, not because it embraces the punk ideal already perfected by The Ramones and The Sex Pistols, but because it expands the genre into an all-encompassing behemoth. Ska, Blues, Rockabilly, Metal, like a style, The Clash give it to you on these two platters of vinyl. Yet, the song I will always love more than any other is their take on lower class suburban boredom, which is like social commentary gone New Wave. Yep, The Clash even do New Wave here, and its better that anything Spandau Ballet, The Thompson Twins and Modern English ever released.
My hatred was premature but like any music lover of note, I hate to be dishonest when it comes to my passions. So there's the story of how I once loathed The Clash.
Thank you for your time.

I think Ben Folds can cover anything and do it justice!

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