Tuesday, January 11, 2011

JDIZZY's 365 # 247: Going Home

Going Home - Kenny G (1989)

I can't defend this.

God, that makes me think of Tom Goes To The Mayor!

Just know that this man has written a few beautiful melodies.
He also started out as a progressive fusion artist.
Finally, at the age of nine, he made your humble 365 man want to play the saxophone.
That's all I got. Please direct all angry comments to my parents for bringing this cheese into our house.

But if ya got 6 minutes or so, listen to the album version of this song, and tell me, honestly, if ya cut out the synths, it would remind you of Return To Forever, wouldn't it?

Wouldn't it?!!??!!

Whatever....KENNY G LIVE IS A GREAT ALBUM!!!!!!!

I'm ashamed to admit that I made up lyrics to this song when I was a kid.......but apparently, so did Stevie Nicks!!!


  1. Kenny Jeez Louise! ;) I admit though, that first video does have a somewhat...erm...vaguely comforting tone; like peeing your pants and just not caring.


  2. It's just a good track, which hurts even more than saying I like it! Kenny G should not be good, because then you can't just hate him. Yet, here he stands with a perfect pop instrumental, and here I sit, a broken fan. :(