Friday, January 21, 2011

JDIZZY's 365 # 253: Talk Tonight

Talk Tonight - Oasis (1994)

I've often wondered why Oasis was never as big in the US as they were in their native UK. Granted, any child that came of age in the nineties will always hold the three hit ballads from (What's The Story) Morning Glory? in high esteem, as it showed us how rock and roll could be epic again after the taming down of the genre by US grunge bands. Still, I believe America would hold them in a much higher regard if we had not given up at that point on a staple of recorded music: The B-Side.
Noel and Liam's throwaways are better than practically any artist's hits from that period. The compilation album The Masterplan proved this point beyond a shadow of a doubt. Lovingly compiled by fan's votes, it showed Americans obsessed with Album-length statements that cd singles were just as important to an understanding of an artist's work. "Acquiesce"? "Half The World Away"? "The Masterplan"? What a ridiculous wealth of quality material these guys had at their disposal! Now that they are gone and appreciation of albums are also vastly fading, the time is ripe for a new generation to take up the call for the kings of Brit-Pop. To do so, one only has to put The Masterplan on their IPOD. Now just hit shuffle and every once in awhile an Oasis song will pour into your brain, letting you know how important they were and what an irreversible loss their absence has made in popular music. Their will always be "Wonderwall" on our nostalgia obsessed playlists. There should be room for "Talk Tonight" as well.

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