Wednesday, January 26, 2011

JDIZZY's 365 # 261: 99 Problems

99 Problems - Jay-Z (2003)

Let's be honest.

Who doesn't love the production work of Rick Rubin?

After a career of covering the musical landscape with his sonic textures, Rubin returned to his roots in 2004 to produce the best in the game. The Black Album was supposed to be Jigga's swan song. Thankfully it wasn't, but what a way to go out if it had been! Serving up hip-hop's equivalent to Abbey Road, Jay hits overdrive with today's track. It brings hip hop back to its roots: hard guitar riffs, minimal beats and brilliant lines of braggadocio interspersed with social commentary. Jay-Z's music has been great before and after this jam that Rolling Stone Magazine voted the second best song of the 00's. Rick Rubin made sure he will never be better.

Let's be honest.

No one will.

This is why the Mashup genre was taken seriously......flawless!

Banjo Hova!!

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