Monday, January 10, 2011

JDIZZY's 365 # 244: Wonderland By Night

Wonderland By Night - Bert Kaempfert (1961)

What brings us to this instrumental single that topped the Billboard charts for three weeks in 1961?

These guys:

The composer of today's cut, Mr. Kaempfert, was the first person to produce The Beatles, when he hired them to be Tony Sheridan's backing band in a Hamburg, Germany recording session back in 1961, calling them The Beat Brothers. Besides that accolade, he also wrote "Strangers In the Night", invented the "knackbass" sound for the bass guitar, and was admired by performers as varied as Isaac Hayes and the Barenaked Ladies. His greatest hits cd is a tutorial in instrumental pop, and is highly recommended to any person who has a tinkling of interest in the genre.

Oh, and "Wonderland By Night" is a stunning aural adventure. Put on your headphones children, and bathe in that glorious mono!

Sing those words I didn't know existed Engelbert!!!!!!

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