Thursday, January 20, 2011

JDIZZY's 365 # 251: I'm Still Here

I'm Still Here - Kula Shaker (1999)

Has a song that runs a minute and 30 seconds (give or take) ever said so much about humanity and the state of the world? Hell, have songs more than 10 times its length ever equaled its breadth of confusion and uncertainty floating on an underlying bed of beauty? This track is surrounded by classics on a late nineties prog masterpiece (Produced by Rick Rubin, Bob Ezrin and George Drakoulias, no less!) that let the world know that the youth of Britain had not forgotten their countrymen were the progenitors and kings of Psychedelic Rock. If ever there was a band you needed to investigate on this list, this is the one that will probably be the most familiar "name-wise" but the least when it comes to having actually heard their music (If you don't count their Deep Purple cover from the I Know What You Did Last Summer soundtrack.). Their four studio albums would have been studied and fretted over with the best of them if they'd been released 40 years ago.

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